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JMSSC Sports are back at Phase one after Superintendent

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, the Madison County Board of education moves back to phase one for school sports and recreational activities.

"No pads or anything right now, nothing with contact," says Tim Gilmer, the district's athletic director.

After leaders in Madison County decided to revert to virtual learning, they faced making a difficult decision for athletics.

"It was a terribly hard decision to make," says Gilmer.

But Gilmer says safety comes first.

"We put safety number one, and we say look, the whole thing is we want to do as much as we can as safe as we can, and we think phase one is where we need to be right now," says Gilmer.

During phase one, coaches are required to follow procedures that may limit or reduce the spread of COVID-19.

"Can be no more than 10 people counting the coach when they are inside, no sharing water no locker rooms," says Gilmer.

Students are required to answer a few questions about symptoms or who they've been in contact with before entering any facility.

While the games are postponed until further notice, the athletes will participate in other activities.

"We're not leaving those kids out to dry. They're still going to work with those kids like they would anyway. it could be online leadership classes," says Gilmer.

As a parent, Gilmer can empathize with parents and students who were looking forward to next season. "I know its tough; we want you on those fields, just be patient with us," says Gilmer.

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