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JMCSS replaces in person learning option with at home distance learning

After a recent school board meeting Jackson Madison County School district superintendent Dr. Marlon King announced that the in person option for students to return to school is being suspended until further notice.

After multiple teachers had to quarantine and two testing positive for COVID-19 in the Jackson Madison County School System district staff decided to change the in person option to distance learning for the foreseeable future.

Distance learning will take place at home with books and weekly learning packets according to a news release.

King continued his roadshow today at East Elementary and he told teachers he made this decision for them.

“I did this because I am pro teacher, I support the work that you do, I know the hard work that you do", says King.

Classes are still set to resume on August 24th, but the staggered schedule that was planned may look different.

King mentioned that as he met with teachers and principals over the past week he could see the fear they had with returning to in person classes.

"And as I went around to different schools and I saw the enthusiasm on teachers faces, masks with fear behind them of what it’s going to look like when kids come back in here", added King.

The news release also mentioned that students with special needs may be allowed to re enter the classroom.

Also that teachers are working with their principals to possibly schedule small groups of students to attend class in person on a temporary basis.

District officials say teachers will be in contact with families to discuss options with returning to school. Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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