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Incoming freshmen at Union University did not miss out on move-in day amid COVID-19

On the Campus of Union University, over 300 incoming freshmen moved in to kick off their college careers.”

“Its definitely been different; its been really busy,” says Timothy Fletcher, campus resident assistant.

“So far its been kind of crazy,” says Riley Mcconnell, an incoming freshman.

Even in the middle of the craziness, the pandemic caused, the university staff members still pulled off move-in day for a group of anxious and excited students.

“I was nervous about maybe school looking a little different, but I think Union’s done all they can to promote that freshmen or college lifestyle while still staying safe,” says Ryan Columbus, an incoming freshman.

Columbus says that she chose union university because she always wanted to attend a small Christian school, and it is only an hour from her hometown. She feels very fortunate to have this opportunity.

“It’s been a blessing alot of my friends weren’t able to move in, but I got to move in, and it is exciting,” says Collumbus.

The institution is ranked as one of the top 25 Christian universities to attend in the south. the staff members pride themselves on providing a holistic experience for students to develop a strong faith.

“Socially, spiritually, academically, I think that union really supersedes alot of other universities that strive to be excellent and Christ-Centered,” says Fletcher.

Fletcher is a junior majoring in business. As an upperclassman, he gives the incoming freshmen a few tips.

“Do not be afraid to try new things. College provides a good opportunity to do things that you may never do again in your life,” says Fletcher.

The Freshmen had a full day of activities planned, including a welcome week show and a worship service.

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