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Food delivery app expands in Jackson to support local businesses

The use of food delivery apps increased due to COVID-19 to reduce the spread of the virus. Even though restaurants are gradually opening up, many people would rather have food delivered to their homes.

One app that is available in the area wants to contribute to the success of local businesses.

"Waitr concentrates a lot on local businesses," says Matt Cody, regional marketing for Waitr.

Cody says that many local businesses are still facing financial challenges, which is why they partner with many of those establishments.

"During the challenges that 2020 has presented our local partners, its just something we take pride in, taking care of our local businesses," says Cody.

Some of these local restaurants include the blacksmith, Woodstock bakeshop, and Brook Shaws Old Country Store.

Waitr partners with over 60 restaurants in Jackson.

"We have right at 65 restaurants currently, and we have a team that is currently working on signing on other restaurants. So our growth is continuing to meet not only customer demand but restaurant demand," says Cody.

Their marketing strategies and interactions with restaurants set them apart from other delivery services.

"We have a great marketing team that puts a lot of marketing up through Jackson, we provide our drivers with shirts to show the brand. And the restaurant partners love it when we come in, and they get to see the Waitr. We get to know them on a personal level, which helps as well," says Cody.

With over 1600 COVID-19 cases in Madison county, food delivery apps are essential. As Waitr has doubled in their zones, users can expect to order from more restaurants in the future.

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