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The Tennessee Housing Development Agency donates $50,000 to West Tennessee Healthcare

As COVID-19 continues to impact people's health and livelihood, the Tennessee housing development agency provided supplemental funds to 10 health networks.

"This fund that we are talking about is the COVID-19 supplemental funding to our continuum of care network," says Katie Moore, the Government Affairs Liason for the Department of Health.

Moore describes this as a unique opportunity to provide much-needed resources to homeless communities.

"When the pandemic hit, we thought, we're definitely going to be an integral part of this, says more.

To fight homelessness, it requires money.

"We came in with our own funds $500,000 of THDA proceeds from our mortgage program," says Moore.

Some of that money will benefit the homeless in the local area.

"Each network, including the West Tennessee health care foundation, received $50,000," says Moore.

The donation will allow west Tennessee to limit the spread of germs or the virus in the homeless community across eighteen counties.

"Bring in handwashing stations into homeless camps. Get better street outreach to talk to folks and address their mental health issues," says Moore.

The money that was donated to the West Tennessee Health care foundation will go towards caring for homeless patients and provide resources to keep them off the streets.

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