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MADWomen produce video to celebrate 100 years of women earning the right to vote

The 100th anniversary of ratifying the 19th amendment is approaching, and the madison area democratic women or the madwomen created a video to celebrate.

Titled Rightfully Ours, the video features local women who are paying tribute to those who fought for the right to vote.

"What we wanted to do with this video project was to really show our gratitude and pay our respects to these women who suffered on our behalf," says Gay Wilson, a member of MADWomen

Wilson is a retired educator and wants people out there to know that Tennessee played an essential role in ratifying the 19th amendment.

"Before the 1920 presidential election, Tennessee was the last hope for getting the 19th amendment ratified before the presidential election and getting women the right to vote in that election," says Wilson.

Sue Shelton White, who was a feminist leader from Henderson county. As Tennessee's vote was needed for women to have the right to use their voices, she lobbied until it was ratified by one single vote on August 18, 1920.

"And so in every election, whether it's a local, state or national election, we do those women a disservice if we do not exercise that right to vote," says Debbie Swacker.

Swacker is the Madwomen scholarship committee chair, and last year she and other members of the organization established the Sue Shelton White grant. Their first recipient was Stephanie Turnbow, a fulltime working mother.

"It was handed out to Stephanie, who has decided to go back to school and make a decision to open her own business and become a role model for others," says Swacker.

Stephanie is seen at the end of the video with her grandmother reciting the 19th amendment.

As viewers click on the video posted on youtube, Debbie says they should take away a few things.

I would say hope, I would say a genuine appreciation of history."


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