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Made in Tennessee, Paws 2 Remember

Losing a pet is never easy, and unfortunately, it can happen during the day or the middle of the night. Here in Humbolt is a 24-hour pet crematory that is available to pet owners during difficult times.

"Once the call comes in, the focus is on the owner and the pet," says Christy Phillips.

Christy Phillips, along with her husband, Brent Phillips, established Paws 2 Remember in 2013.

Phillips says that experiencing the loss of a pet herself, inspired her to help others cope with losing beloved family members.

"And we lost our first golden retriever," says Christy Phillips

Christy spent ten incredible years with her dog, and when her pet passed away, there was not a local crematory where she lived at the time. When she found a place that could cremate her beloved fur baby, the turnaround time was longer than expected.

"We waited a month between them, picking him up and bringing him back to us."

At Paws 2 Remember, the staff prides themselves on emotionally caring for pet owners and getting their ashes back to the families within five to seven business days.

The duo started the business inside of their garage.

"We started as a company that was leasing the use of a cremation retort in order to perform our service," says Brent Phillips.

After earning enough money to purchase their own machine, the clientele continued to grow.

"From there, we moved to a 12 by 20-foot building that was located on our property, and from there it's just grown and blossomed into what you see today," says Brent Phillips.

This year alone, paws 2 remember has cremated nearly 1300 pets in west Tennessee.

"They will not find a company in our line of work that offers a better service than us."

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