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Primary Election Day amid COVID-19

Beginning in mid-July until august 1, some residents voted early.

"Well, the voting went extremely well. We had a good turnout during early voting," says Kim Buckley, the administrator of elections.

Kim Buckley, the administrator of elections, says that she was concerned about her poll workers because many are at risk due to age, but as voters followed the CDC guidelines, her volunteers are exceptional.

"As far as I know, all of my workers are still safe and healthy and helping us today at the polling places," says Buckley.

As voters cast their ballots, they will see a few candidates such as republican Bill Hagerty, who is running for us senate.

"It's clear that Tennessee wants to send a conservative to the united states senate. President Trump has endorsed me for just that reason. he wants a conservative ally that will work with him in Washington," says Hagerty.

Dr. Manny Sethi who is also a Republican running for us senate

"I feel like the wind is in our back. we've spread our Christian conservative outsider message across Tennessee, doing 5-6 events a day."

And Dr. Tameka Noel, a school board candidate running for district 5

"I've been a volunteer and an observer in the classrooms, specifically Andrew Jackson, and there's a lot of work to be done."

Bryan Brooks shares why he exercises his right to vote.

"In order to make a difference, you gotta vote. People say that my vote doesn't count, but your vote does count, your vote does count. And actually, your vote does count if you don't vote because you go for the party that you don't want to in", says Brooks.

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