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'This is not a number we want to see', local hospital has a record number of 100 COVID-19 pa

Case numbers and deaths due to COVID-19 complications continue to rise in rural west Tennessee areas. Causing rural hospitals to fill up at an alarming rate.

The Jackson Madison County General Hospital now has 100 COVID-19 patients in their facility.

This is the most they have seen this far.

Amy Garner with West Tennessee Healthcare says they are seeing more COVID patients than larger hospitals in the region.

“What we are seeing is a spike in hospitalizations in rural areas, even to the point that we are seeing more COVID patients than larger hospitals in Nashville and Memphis", says Garner.

With cases growing by 10’s each day health officials say the community is not moving in the right direction to flatten the curve.

“Our case number has gone up 324 or 25 since this time last week, that is not a number that we want to see", says director of the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department, Kim Tedford.

And rural hospitals are taking the biggest hit.

Garner adds, “it’s really important that we keep our hospitals in a safe situation. We are already in surge capacity, we are working extremely hard to take care of the patients we already have. We are getting in supplies, but it is tough on our staff.”

Tuesday a six year old girl died in Madison county due to complications with COVID-19. Health officials say this shows that everyone is at risk.

"Not just for people 65 and older but everybody as we have seen today. This affects everybody", says Tedford.

Loccal leaders urged the community and surrounding areas to wear masks and follow safety guidelines to help slow the spread. Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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