Governor Lee's mask mandate for schools extends JMCSS's registration for virtual learning

As ordered by Governor Lee, students who attend in-person classes are required to wear a mask.

The Jackson Madison County school system is honoring the governor’s order, and as a result, registration for virtual classes is extended.

“There were some parents who picked learning in person because we initially said mask would not be required or encouraged,” says Greg Hammond, the Public Information Officer for JMCSS.

According to Greg Hammond, parents are having second thoughts about how they want their kids to learn.

“Some people are comfortable wearing masks; some people aren’t. So we wanted to give our families a choice,” says Hammond.

Parents were excited about allowing their kids to partake in traditional learning, even without a mask. But now more families are choosing the virtual option.

When it comes to virtual learning, locals and many citizens across the nation have one question. What about the kids who do not have the proper resources? In M

adison county, leaders are working hard to make amends.

“The Jackson Madison County School System made efforts to ensure that the roughly 3100 students we made steps to make sure those students had devices,” says Hammond.

In addition to providing students with proper devices, county officials are working to ensure those students have internet access.

As registration was extended for families who want virtual learning, county leaders are prepared to provide more learning equipment for those who need it.

“Then, we are also taking steps to be prepared in the future. Our goal is to have more than the initial number of students who are saying they need devices,” says Hammond.

After extending the registration for virtual learning, the number of students who want to stay home is nearly 7000. Hammond wants to put parents at ease by relaying that those who are using county devices, proper IT services are available.

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