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A local nonprofit is working on expanding to better serve the community

The dream center is currently working on a project to serve women and children who need support.

“We are excited about the new building,” says Gail Gustafson, the director of the Dream Center.

Today, the organization provides lodging in either a hotel room or one of their four houses. This new building will allow all of whom the dream center services to stay in one location.

“We’ll be able to house over 125 women and children. And to be back in one building together, it’ll be so much better for ladies”, says Gustafson.

Gustafson says they receive a large number of applications each day. The organization wants to serve as many women and children as they possibly can.

The dream center is a lighthouse, a beacon of hope for women and children who are homeless. In this open field right behind me, this will be their new location here on oil well road.

Located next to the Northside Assembly church, the land plot was given to them by the place of worship. According to one patron, she says the ladies being under one roof is better because they are a support system.

“Here, among the women, we share our struggles together, their similarities. There are little children here, so we look out for one another in that aspect,” says Akemi Lakia Bowen.

The Dream Center is expecting its new facility to be open by spring 2021. Because of COVID-19, that will be the right timing as the new facility will allow families to social distance.

‘We can section off an area for quarantine,” says Gustafson.

To stay out of debt, the dream center is funding the project primarily through donations. For more information, visit

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