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Local Girl Scout Troops Celebrate 731 day to kick off recruitment for the upcoming year

The Girl Scouts Heart of the South hosts a socially distanced dance party to celebrate 731 day in Jackson to kick-off recruitment for the upcoming year.Outside of the girl scouts building on old Humbolt road, current members dance while following the CDC guidelines. One scout says that dancing is her comfort zone.

“It was really fun; it just relax your nerves,” says Maddy Robertson, who is also and girl scout troop.

The girl scouts heart of the south serves nearly 60 counties in west Tennessee, north Mississippi, and Arkansas. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the recruitment specialist came up with a way to safely enroll girls for the upcoming year.

“We wanted a way to create a safe space for girls to come and register and have a dance party,” says Giann Hoosier, the recruitment specialist.

Not only did the girls dance and engage in arts and crafts, they also sold a few boxes of cookies. For the organization, the cookies mean more than raising funds.

“Of course, our cookies are a program; it’s just not about the cookies, so they learn how to communicate with people and have business ethics,” says Debra Warren.

For Anna Greenberg, that is what she’d like to take away from being in girl scouts.

“I hope to accomplish learning more about being a businesswoman,” says Greenberg.

Like anyone else who has a business, COVID-19 affected the sales of girl scout cookies. Giann and Debra say there are still plenty of cookies left and there is still time to sign up with the girl scouts heart of the south.

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