The progress of COVID-19 cases in Madison County while under a mask mandate

According to Mayor Scott Conger, decreasing the number of coronavirus cases is a collaborative effort.

"As a whole, we’re not washing our hands, we’re not covering our face,” says Conger.

When it comes to covering your face or wearing a mask, the question is, are the masks working?

The Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department’s director says that if residents were to follow the guidelines, there could be some overall improvement.

“If everyone was wearing them like they’re supposed to be wearing them, I think that we would see a different number than what we are seeing today”, says Kim Tedford, the director.

In a recent report from the health department, there are over 900 COVID-19 cases in the area.

Mayor Conger describes Madison as a stand-alone island as it is the only county in west Tennessee that enforces a mask mandate.

“We are the only ones with a mask mandate outside of Lauderdale, Dyers County, and West Tennessee,” says Conger.

According to Mayor Conger, unless there is a collaborative effort, then Tennesseans as a whole, will not see a change.

“Unless there is consistency across the state, there are just too many opportunities,” says Conger.

City and health officials say a large group of people come in and out from neighboring counties, not wearing masks. Until those other counties enforce the proper guidelines, coronavirus numbers are expected to rise.

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