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Governor Bill Lee announces school reopen plan, parents are concerned

In march millions of students in Tennessee did not return to school due to COVID 19 concerns.

Leaving educators with the question how will school reopen and now that question is being answered.

“We fully support reopening our schools with in-person learning as the best option", says Governor Bill Lee.

Lee announced that schools should reopen soon with in-person being the best option.

The Jackson Madison County School System along with districts surrounding have already released their plans, including virtual and in person options.

JMCSS has over 4,000 students already registered to do virtual or cyber school starting in the fall.

Lee adds, “what we want to provide for you is choices that you have for how you believe your children best should be educated whether that is in person at school or at home.”

As schools begin to reopen parents and district leaders are concerned about students contracting the virus. Commissioner of Education Dr. Penny Schwinn says that is expected.

“The reasonable expectation is that there will be positive cases in schools that is something that is not, that is going to happen. What is important is that we have all of the safety and health protocols in place to insure that folks have all the resources they need", says Schwinn.

The state plans on giving 80,000 classrooms safety kits to help teachers safely reopen their rooms this fall.

Imani Williams for 39 News in Jackson.

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