Two business owners have different experiences during COVID-19

This city is the home to many local business owners who rely heavily on their day to day customers. even though COVID-19 cases continue to rise, this virus affects different business owners in different ways.

One business never closed during the pandemic

“I think we’re very fortunate that we were allowed to continue to operate,” said Dennis Mitchell, the owner of an automotive shop.

Another had to close down immediately with no warning.

“Well, of course, we had to shut down and we had to shut down for 6 weeks to two months,” said Maurica Edwards who is the owner of a hair salon on Carriage House Drive.

Since businesses are now open, both have different experiences.

Dennis Mitchell is the owner of a local car repair shop and he says that he has seen an incline in customers.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in business actually when the pandemic first started it was a little slow,” said Mitchell

According to Mitchell, many drivers are making appointments, just in case, there is another stay at home order.

“People need their cars and we are here to keep them going.”

On the other side of town is Eclipse Hair Salon. the owner, Maurica Edwards who has over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist was used to having a certain number of customers a day. during this pandemic, she saw a significant decline.

Maurica Edwards-Salon Owner

“Before you could walk-ins and do 10 heads a day, where now you may have to do seven.”

In order to follow the CDC guidelines, Edwards can only have a few customers in the salon at one time.

“Or you just have to space it out, people can’t walk in and a walk-in is a lot of money. I wish there was more help for people like me, hairstylist. The Jackson Chamber, they couldn’t help.”

If there is another stay at home order, the employees at Dennis Mitchell’s Automotive are worried about a decrease in customers since they are considered an essential business. At Eclipse Hair Salon, Maurica Edwards fears the closing of her shop because she says that there is a lack of financial resources for salon owners like herself.

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