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Educators receive dozens of new books before the school year begins

In June I spoke with Jackson resident, Brianna Kline. She had a goal to donate books that show diversity to classrooms across Madison County. Today she is delivering those books.

From rallying community members to donate books through phone calls and social media to finally getting books in the hands of teachers and librarians in Madison County.

Educators that received the books say they were excited to know they could start a new school year with new books.

“I was so excited it is so wonderful, I love getting donations because we don’t always get money to buy books so its always wonderful", says librarian, Amy Vinson.

Amy Vinson is the librarian at North Parkway Middle School, she received a dozen books to add to her library this fall.

Vinson shared the importance of introducing students to diversity.

“See what the world is like around them, see that they can be successful, see that others come from same situations as they do", she adds.

And to also see characters that remind them of themselves.

“Cause they need to see that people like them can be successful and succeed and do good things in life and we always have students asking do you have more books about students like us", says Vinson.

Over 50 classrooms will get new books for their students, Kline hopes this small start can bring about major change in the future generation.

Kline says she has a few more stops to deliver the rest of the books. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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