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Haywood County Schools suspend uniform requirement for upcoming school year

Soon students will be returning to classrooms across the country, whether it’s in person or virtually. Here in Haywood County leaders are making changes that may help parent’s pockets.

The Haywood County School Board recently voted to approve the suspension of uniform dress code for the 2020- 2021 school year.

The suspension of uniforms, I’m fine for it", says parent, Angela Keita.

The superintendent of schools, Joey Hassell, says this idea came from a number of parents concerned about spending a lot of money on new uniforms.

“Would there be a possibility of no uniform dress code this year, just to assist with other costs, because we know that unemployment is up", says Hassell.

Now that the suspension is in place some parents have mixed feelings.

“I feel like the uniforms was way more convenient. You had kids that was dressed alike. Where as now you’re going to have kids like I wear Ralph Lauren Polo then you got on Walmart and then that’s when the bullying starts", says one parent that wants to stay anonymous.

Students can continue to wear uniform clothing to school during the suspension period.

One parent says Hassell has given them many choices and she is going to take them.

“I find no fault, I find no fault in it. Okay it’s up to the parents, if he’s giving you these options take them", says Keita.

Hassell says although school uniforms have been suspended for this upcoming year. He still expects students to dress appropriately. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Brownsville.

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