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UT Extension helps with masks giveaway in Madison County

Jackson, TN - As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the area, community partners pitch in to held the Jackson Madison County.

Community partners pitch in to help the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department continue serving the community.

Madison county has seen a record high of new COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks, which caused a mask mandate to be put in place by the local health department.

While some residents are against it, some say they need the masks.

“I have health issues, I don’t dare go without one", says resident, Richard Roden.

After searching for a reusable mask and having no luck, Richard Roden says he was glad to hear there was a mask giveaway.

Roden says at his age, he doesn’t want to take the risk of not wearing a mask.

“I just, I don’t need to take the chance, I just got out the hospital from having surgery, so my immune system and everything is kind of down. It’s kind of dangerous for me, I’m scared to death. To be honest with you i’m scared to death.”

UT Extension hosted the mask giveaway to give staff at the health department time to focus on contact tracing new cases.

“So, we ‘re just trying to get his mask out to as many people as possible so that we can try to slow down the spread of this coronavirus", says Ashley Hillsman, SNAP Ed Agent.

The UT Extension will continue the mask giveaway on Tuesday's and Thursday's of this month. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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