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Personnel Placements LLC gives away prizes to job seekers

Searching for a job is not easy, and now more than ever, people need as many resources as possible to move one step closer to a successful career.

Personnel Placements LLC has been that resource for nearly 30 years and continues to employ people even during a recession.

“Right now at personnel placements, we have numerous job openings,” said Karen Skelton who is the regional sales director for Personnel Placements

Those job openings include an assortment of occupations

“We place for everything from clerical, to manufacturing, to distribution to assembly.”

Right now, workers out there have a chance to get more than just a job.

“We came up with the idea to help people get back to work as soon as possible by offering a new car to go along with a new job.”

Anyone who applies through personnel placements will enter a drawing to win a new car.

“We are asking people to go to

All current and new employees will be eligible to win the vehicle

Karen says that personnel placements have a great quality that makes them stand out from other staffing agencies.

“The best thing about coming through Personnel Placements is that we have the training sales”

Those training sales give workers the skills needed to succeed in their jobs.

“People can come in here; we can actually put them on the line, train them to assemble this equipment before they ever step foot in the plant.

“We want people to have full-time jobs.

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