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Made in Tennessee: KB's Auto Service Center

One local man took what he learned in high school and turned it into a family business.

Owner of KB's Auto, Kevin Bankston started working with cars when he was 16.

“I graduated from JCM back in 1980 and from auto shop went to work for my brother and I've been doing mechanic work ever since", says Bankston.

But he never thought his high school courses would lead to him being a business owner.

“Get to this point, no, I never thought about that", he adds.

Bankston opened his first auto shop 14 years ago after being there for over a decade their business outgrew the location and they recently opened a new location just a year ago.

He says those classes at Jackson Central Merry High School were very important to where is now.

Bankston adds, "it was real important to me, it was something I was interested in they had different classes in the 10th grade that I went through six different courses to make sure what I wanted to do and auto shop was what I wanted.”

With over 40 years of working with cars, he says being a business owner is rewarding.

KB’s Auto works on brakes, alignments, engine work, and more.

Bankston’s family is also apart of the business, with his wife helping with customers and his son following in footsteps of being a mechanic.

KB’s Auto Made in Tennessee.

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