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First day of early in Tennessee, Madison County residents vote for school board members

Even in a pandemic voting still has to happen. Right at the Madison County election commission voters are waiting in line to cast their ballot.

Many voters lined up for the first day of early voting, many showing up for the county general election to vote on open school board seats.

“I haven’t paid much attention to school board election before, but now yes, there is just so much", says voter, Dan Vaughn.

The equal rights coalition held a school board candidate forum giving candidates a chance to speak to voters.

“As a parent, we send our kids for 8 hours out of the day you know, we send them into these rooms and we trusted the people that are in the rooms with them, that they are making the right decisions", says parent, Christiana Gallagher.

Some candidates were not at the forum.

But residents that attended said informative topics were discussed.

Voter, Johann Merx says, “labor is a major issue and they thought about who’s going to be the person that going to be outsourcing for the cleaning of the school system. That was a very major issue."

“As far as COVID-19 is concerned they had some different thoughts, but i felt that the responses were related to what’s best for children", adds voter Jerry Woods.

Officials with the election commission say they are trying to keep voting safe, by keeping people socially distanced and requiring masks.

Lines may be longer due to spreading people out while voting.

Early voting will continue until August 1st. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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