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Business owners respond to mask mandate

The mayor of Jackson issued a mask mandate to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and so that businesses can stay open. As there are some who do not like this new order, business owners say that so far, citizens are complying.

“Fortunately we haven’t been affected too bad by it,” said Matt Childress who is the owner of Woodstock Bake Shop.

The Madison County Regional Health Department continues to report new cases of infections but that does stop private business owners from closing.

Childress, along with other employees do their best to meet the needs of their customers while under this mandate.

“If people don’t want to come in because of the mask, just call us, we’ll bring it out to you and meet you at the door. We try to be as accommodating as we possibly can,” said Childress.

As patrons walk into westside cleaners on North Highland Avenue, they will not find a mask notice on the front door. however, the owner, Chris Maxwell wants customers to wear one.

“I would prefer that they follow the mayor’s mandate, and I have told the employees to wear them also and I normally wear one when I’m upfront and not on camera.”

Some business owners who are unwilling to speak on camera tell me that the mask mandate is not so much of an issue but the virus overall is causing people to stay at home. These businesses want the public to know that they are open and are accommodating while following CDC guidelines.

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