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Jackson State Community College Announces Reopening Plan

Jackson State Community College is scheduled to resume classes this fall; however, students who are enrolled will have three options to complete their studies.”

Each option for completing courses fits the individual needs of the students.

The home of the Green Jays will continue with traditional online courses in addition to having flex.

“Where students will still attend the time of the class, however, it’s going to meet by video conference rather than in person,” said Dr. Bailey, the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The other option classifies as a hybrid approach allowing students to demonstrate proficiency needing hands-on instruction.

During change and times of uncertainty, enrollment numbers were concerning.

“Coming in for summer, our early-enrollment period, we were down quite a bit’, said Bailey

But when the leaders on campus initiated safety guidelines, the applications started rolling in.

Dr. Bailye, the Vice President of Academic, says that his faculty and staff are good team players, even in the middle of a pandemic.

“They’re handling this in a very responsible way; it has been so smooth, they’ve all been responsible in respecting the rights of others.”

Dr. Bailey is apprehensive about enrollment for the fall, but he is expecting the same outcome as the summer semester.


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