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Jackson residents should expect to follow safety guidelines during early voting

The Madison County Regional Health Department Reports there are nearly 500 COVID-19 cases in the area. With early voting set to begin in a few days people in Jackson should prepare to follow all safety measure.

Kim Buckley who is the Administrator of Elections wants voters to follow all safety guidelines.

“I am begging voters to wear a mask," said Buckley.

According to Buckley, the majority of her workers are at risk of contracting the virus.

“Eighty-five percent of my workforce is over the age of 60 so i’m concerned for them”

Some of the voters are also at risk of contracting the Corona Virus.

Ben Ayers who lives a votes in Madison County has concerns about his father who has an underlying health condition.

“My father, he has lung issues, I wouldn’t want to compromise his lung issues”

Because of the cleaning and sanitizing that will be done in between people casting their ballots, Buckley says that Madison County residents should expect longer wait times.

“Well, you better get there really early then",said Ignacio Meza

Meza who resides in Jackson, believes that COVID-19 should not keep people from going to the poles.

"It has to take place, it has to get done.”

Buckley wants residents in Jackson to have an open mind about the voting process.

“i ask for people to be patient and let us work through this, and be good sports".

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