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Urgent Team Walk-In Urgent Care offers on-site testing for employers

JACKSON,TN- In Jackson, local family-owned businesses and other places are open and people are starting to go back to work, now employers have the option of on-site COVID-19 TESTING.

As Tennesseans and many other us citizens head back to their jobs, contracting the coronavirus is still a high concern for many employers.

Going back to work is good for the economy, but staying COVID-19 free is still important to many who live in Jackson.

“None of us want to catch it,” said Syble Edwards who is a retired worker.

This is why Urgent Team’s walk-in urgent care is offering onsite testing to employers in Jackson.

While many residents and families are in financial straits, the city of Jackson could not allow businesses to remain closed.

“Right now every business that wants to be open is open, the only difference is you wear a mask,” said Mayor Harris of Madison County.

In some places of employment, it is impossible to follow all of the safety guidelines at once. especially in the fast-food industry.

“With all of the interaction between the public and Sonic, there is a pretty high chance that something can be contracted,” said Curteis Arzon who works at the Sonic on Vann Drive.

According to health professionals at Urgent Team, the nasal swab test is offered to employers who are interested in declining the spread throughout the workplace.

“I think that a lot of people are scared right now and overall I think it will give people comfort and just a little more peace”, said Mckynna Van Wey who is a resident of Jackson Tennessee.

Nancy Becker the Urgent Team’s Division Vice President understands that Jackson Residents are eager to go back to work and on-site testing provides early detection which reduces the spread of the virus for a productive environment.

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