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Life Line Blood Services offers free antibody testing to donors

JACKSON, TN - Life Line Blood Services decided to add an additional service to get donors through the donor and antibody testing is how they hope to do it.

“So what will happen will be that for a limited time, when you come and donate blood you will have those tests done", says public relations and giving coordinator, Cherie Parker.

They are adding antibody testing to the various tests they already provide.

A positive antibody test will show someone that their body has built a defense to a virus, in this case coronavirus.

“So, now you have an added reason to give during this time. Because you’ll not only be able to find out how high your iron is and know that you’ve saved a life, but you also know your antibody status", Parker adds.

Long time donor, Dottie Myatt, says this new test will hopefully give her a look into her current status with COVID-19.

“It is great that they are doing that to just be sure that it is screened, and everything is okay in these uncertain times", says Myatt.

She says that since her and her husband are in the most vulnerable age group they try to stay home. And so far that has worked.

Myatt adds, “And we’ve just been very blessed to be able to stay well during these times.”

Parker urged that this is not a test for COVID-19. Blood line only wants healthy, non symptomatic donors giving blood that they will test for antibodies. Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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