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JMCSS receives input from business owners and community members on reopening schools

Business owners, public transportation reps, and Jackson residents came together for one cause, reopening schools in the fall.

The new normal, new superintendent for the Jackson-Madison county school system, Dr. Marlon King, has used this phrase to define the plan for reopening schools in the district.

“It’s important to us that we include as many people as we can in making decisions for students in our district", says Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Ricky Catlett.

People from across the community were separated into groups to discuss topics like busing, food service, instruction, and safety.

“One teacher said, well what about moving the teachers and then one person said well what about, kids can’t sit there all day and never move", says board member, Kevin Alexander.

From how students will walk around the school building to sick policies questions and concerns were brought up about the nearly 13,000 students the district serves.

Alexander adds, “there is a lot of concern about how we are going to start back to school and how that’s going to go and if we’re going to start back to school. And there’s a whole lot of concern of what it is going to be like on the bus and all those things.”

But district leaders say they are taking there time with releasing a plan they want as much information as they can get to protect students.

“There have been plans created and plan changed, over and over again already. So, that’s why we are real cautious to speak something before we’ve got enough information gathered", adds Catlett.

There still is no definite reopening date, but there are plans to have more work team meetings to finalize a date. Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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