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New superintendent for JMCSS, Dr. Marlon King, takes on his first day

Dr. Marlon King stepped into office today as the new superintendent fro JMCSS.

King formerly served as the superintendent for Fayette County schools.

He is coming into the position at a time where the date for schools to reopen is in question.

King says he is working with multiple teams to make sure schools in the district reopen safely.

“Just not a decision coming from the superintendent, I think it takes all of us we have to have health care officials, we have to have so many people apart of this conversation, so that we can make certain that we bring back kids safe as possible", says King.

King has not announced a definite date that school will re-open, but he says early August does not seem likely.

But he says that his four teams are working with parents to find out how comfortable they are on how students return.

“So, in terms of students we sent out surveys last week just to get a gauge from parents and stake holders around if they plan to return to school, how safe they feel about it. So, we will have those results in a couple of days, so we will be able to look at that and know what is the temperature around what parent concerns are in terms of returning to school", King adds.

King says he is also talking with teachers on their level of comfort on moving to reopen schools.

Imani Williams for 39 news in Jackson.

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