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Local businesses are seeing more support after protests

Now as more discussion rise about inequality across the country, black owned businesses have seen more customers come through their doors.

“I have seen, since I've been tracking my sales, I have seen a rise in it, it’s been awesome", says owner of JM Sweet Temptations, Janet Morton.

“Support has actually increased during this time you know, during this time. Especially, with it being the black out Tuesday. After the protests that was one of our highest earning days", says owner of M'pressionistic Scents, Brittany Jelks.

Social media has filled up with the numerous demonstrations, activists, and posts asking people to shop at black owned businesses.

Some business owners here in Jackson say the support gives them the courage to continue their dreams.

“But the whole thing of people bringing the realization of support black businesses, support your people, give them a chance. So, that gives me a chance to practice my photography, to be better", says photographer Corneilus Wilson.

Many of the owners mentioned that being a black business owner has it’s challenges but they started their business to give back to their community and that is why having community support means so much.

“I think that everybody should support their community rather it be from the top to the bottom. I think you should put money back into your people, regardless of what color your people are", says boutique owner, Kisha Brown.

Wilson adds, “Because they realize hey these are people in our community now. It’s like something has clicked for a lot of us. We need to support our local community.”

The owners hope that the support continues so they can continue serving the communities they grew up in.

Imani Williams for 39 news in Jackson.

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