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Local organizations celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom in the African American community.

As racial unrest continues across the country more people are celebrating this holiday to bring awareness to black history.

“Resurgence of, it was real popular in the 60’s and then it was declined. We have tried to educate the community about the importance of this holiday. We are so glad and thankful that people are paying attention", says member of the Society for African American Cultural Awareness, Wendy Trice Martin.

The society for African American cultural awareness has celebrated Juneteenth for over 30 years in the Jackson community, but members say they saw a decline in participation as years passed.

Now they are expecting a large crowd at tonight’s celebration.

“We are looking forward to a brighter future, it is a sad thing that we had a brother that had to lose his life in order for us to come together as a people, but we came together because we’ve had enough", says SAACA member, James Theus Jr.

Juneteenth marks the day the last slaves were told they were free two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.

Some say this shows how African Americans have always been uninformed.

Theus added, “We have been uninformed, uneducated about who we are, where we come from, what our future would be like in america.”

SAACA is hosting their event in front of the T.R. White Sportsplex and the Clay Collective is hosting their event right here, at the corner of Lane Avenue and Hays Avenue.

Imani Williams for 39 news in Jackson.

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