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JTA reveals new Trolley Bus in downtown Jackson

Now as you are traveling across Jackson, you may see something new on the streets. A trolley bus. The Jackson transit authority just revealed a new bus in their transportation unit.”

With the help of local, state, and federal funds a trolley bus made its way to Jackson.

The TDOT Improve Act Grant was a big contributor to funding the bus.

“Now this has been a project that has been in the working for almost 10 years. Due to funding it got put on the back burner. But due to a government bill passed in Nashville we were able to get part of the funding",says JTA General Manager, Travis Franklin.

City and county officials as well as Jackson residents boarded the 30-foot trolley bus for its first passenger ride around downtown.

“It was super exciting and fun", says siblings Charles, A'niya, and Triniti Rayner.

The original reveal was set for March, but with COVID-19 concerns the reveal was delayed until June.

Jackson city mayor, Scott Conger, says this new addition is well deserved.

“The Jackson Transit authority provides a vital service to the city of Jackson and there is no reason that it can’t look good while it does it. So, it’s an exciting day to have a trolley here to see all over town and to continue providing that valuable and vital service to the city of Jackson", say Conger.

Board members hope to get the trolley bus on the road as soon as possible. It’s planned to go all across Jackson, giving residents transportation. Imani Williams, for 39 news, in Jackson.

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