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Protesters hold a sit in demonstration in downtown Jackson

Protesters in the Jackson community continue to fight racism. Their next step is removing the confederate soldier statue in downtown Jackson.

Protesters stood on the north west side of the Madison County Court house this morning to bring awareness to the statue sitting in the lawn.

“And so, I think this is taken down, because someone was killed behind what this represents", says protester Kandes Kincaid.

“It’s a painful reminder that doesn’t need to be here anymore", says protester Camille Sikes.

Eliza Woods, an African American woman, was lynched in 1886 near the spot where the statue sits two years after the lynching the statue was erected.

Protesters say that is one reason it needs to be removed.

“On the monument it talks about their philosophy and committing to their deeds, so are we still going to commit to the deeds of upholding slavery and oppression of groups of people", says protester Terissa Rutherford.

"So, the question becomes when is enough. When is enough that this is offensive to me and my ancestors? We were once enslaved but we were granted freedom. This statue represents the opposite of that freedom", adds protester Brandon Nathan.

Protesters plan to talk with Madison County Mayor, Jimmy Harris, about the removal of the statue. Imani Williams, for 39 news, in downtown Jackson.

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