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Local movie theater re-opens with limited capacity

Michael Longmire and Jason Tubbs opened Plaza 3 in Humboldt,Tennessee in 2007.

After years of running the business the COVID-19 pandemic was unpredictable.

“We weren’t really sure what was going to be happening, we knew that the COVID-19 pandemic was very serious", says co owner, Jason Tubbs.

In late March the owners decided to close their doors to keep staff and customers safe, but they still wanted to find a way to give their employees a pay check.

“Jason and I talked whole heartily and tried to figure out what we could do to help maintain some of our employment, you know having to tell your employees they have to go home is a tough thing", says co owner Michael Longmire.

They closed their doors for about 7 weeks, but during that time they opened partially to serve concessions which brought in revenue to help pay employees.

Now as they re-open their lobby and theaters customers should expect to see a few changes.

One of the changes that the owners here at Plaza 3 put in place is social distancing in the theater, so if one family sits in this row. The next family has to sit two rows back in this row.

Since new movies have not been released yet Plaza 3 is showing classics until they receive new films.

Longmire adds, “We have gone back in time and tried to pick older titles that most people didn’t get to see in theaters."

They hope to start showing new titles soon.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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