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Local family gives the community a taste of the fair

Festivals, fairs, and carnivals are all being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, but one local family is bringing your favorite fair foods right to you.

Miss Mary's Kitchen could be found at the Friendly Franks Flea Market and at local events around west Tennessee.

But since the pandemic hit those events have been cancelled, which changed a lot for this business.

“We’ve had several cancellations, one of the ones that we’ve had here locally, we’ve always been at Friendly Franks of course that flea market has been closed down for sometime now", says owner of Miss Mary's Kitchen Mar Gabert.

Mark Gabert and his wife and daughter began setting up their food truck 12 years ago across west Tennessee.

Gabert says being creative with his business during a time like this is important.

“We’ve just had to find a different way to set up and thankfully right here at west Tennessee association of realtors was kind of to reach out and", Gabert adds.

After the family received the ‘OK’ to set up in the parking lot of West Tennessee Association of Realtors they started giving customers a taste of the fair.

Gabert said,“people will show up and say ‘Hey, I feel like I’m at the fair’ so there is the same excitement there. You know we’ve got that fair food the corn dogs the funnel cakes.”

Mark says they play to keep the food truck here the entire summer for your fair favorites. Imani Williams, for 39 news, in Jackson.

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