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Protesters share how they feel the community is reacting to protests

“I feel like this protest is a great start and a great platform. I think all these people out here are trying to bring awareness to the injustice that we face as African Americans", says Denair Woodard.

After speaking with a number of protesters at the demonstration they all mentioned why they were there.

They said it was more than the death of George Floyd that brought them out.

“I feel like I am targeted or the stereotypical connotations that they associate with black men. Big, scary, violent, dangerous. And that’s not the case for a lot of us", adds Woodard.

“I see them staring at me, he’s a black man with dreads. Oh, he’s a drug dealer", says Jamal Harris.

Protester, Jamal Harris, says he hopes the peaceful protests in jack son help change the way he is perceived by the color of his skin.

Harris adds, “we’ve been treated wrong because of how we look and the color of our skin and it’s been like that for years.”

And some say the protests wont stop until they see changes happen.

“When we can truly say we feel equal, cause it’s still a lot of stuff we don’t, I don’t necessarily feel equal", says protester, Trey Chrystak.

The protesters stood outside of the Old Hickory Mall with signs and then moved to the Jackson City Hall.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in mid Jackson.

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