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Local woman begins book drive to promote diversity

People use books for leisure and to learn, but Brianna Kline is hoping to use books for change and to help kids understand the people around them.

“So, I was like what do I have resources for that I can do to help in this time and I have lots of books", says Kline.

Kline works as an educational services representative or “book lady” as she calls it and figured that she could use her large resource to books to give back to classrooms in the area, but also give students a look into the lives of people with different backgrounds.

Kline adds, “It can be a mirror where the child can see themselves and relate to that character or they can be windows where we can read the story and we can feel and see through someone else eyes their experiences of the world.”

She wants to donate book packs to 100 classrooms when schools re-open.

The packs range from Pre-K to 6th grade all including books with characters from different races, religions, and cultures.

“I think it is very important for us to teach young children about different races and about inclusion", she says.

Kline says they have reached 39 classrooms that are sponsored to receive books.

But they still need more sponsors and they need more nominations on who should receive the books.

Nominations can be sent to her at her Facebook page Jackson Book Lady.

Imani Williams, for 39 news in Jackson.

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