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Protesters in Jackson kneel for George Floyd

Protesters join again in front of city hall to seek justice after the death of George Floyd, but during this demonstration they protested a little different.

“You can just think, you was just laying down there someone putting that pressure on your neck for 9 long minutes, you can’t just stay on your knee for 9 minutes, so you can understand someone putting that pressure on you so I think a lot of mothers its really hurting for them, he called his mom’s name out.", says city councilman, Johnny Dodd.

Floyd was kneed down for over 8 minutes by Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin.

Protesters kneeled for 9 minutes in response to that time he was on the ground.

“How did it make him feel, how did it make George Floyd feel when he was down there 8 minutes and 46 seconds. So we have our life, we are going to get up and continue to breathe", says protester and organizer, Tracy Boyd.

Protesters were joined by city officials, officers from the Jackson Police Department, and Madison County Sheriffs office that also kneeled.

Organizers say this is what needs to happen to spark change in their community.

Dodd added, “right now I am just about coming together and trying to make a change. We have been protesting across the country but now I think it is time for a change, start planning, start mobilizing and let’s talk about what the change is.”

“This is an amazing opportunity for the city of Jackson to kind of raise up out of some of the things that we’re so used to doing, we’re so used to seeing", Boyd added.

The protest gathered nearly 100 people from across the city. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in downtown Jackson.

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