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Protests spark in Jackson after the death of George Floyd

Protesters stood right here in downtown Jackson to demand justice for George Floyd a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week.

Hundreds of people in Jackson gathered for one cause... justice.

"So, I just felt this was a great impact to let the world know, that my kids shouldn’t be defined on the color of their skin, that they are somebody and we all bleed the same", says protester, Moranda Johnson.

Although justice was the main contributor that brought all the protesters together each had their own story.

One protester that raises her adopted black children says she wants the same privileges for them that her white children have.

“My son, he deserves to be able to live and to grow old and have grandchildren, the same as my very young white daughter", says protester, Jessica Carter.

One says she is protesting because she lost her brother the same way George Floyd lost his life.

“I feel like they don’t hear us, so we here to make them hear us. And this really touched home for me because of my brothers passing and the officer was not charged so it really means something to me to be here", says protester Chelseay Barnhill.

Many said the next step in change is going to the polls.

“Keep this same energy, come time to change and implement laws. Don’t stop this energy, keep it going, keep it going", says protesters, Faye Ware.

The protests remained peaceful here in Jackson there were no reports of vandalism or looting. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in downtown Jackson.

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