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Jackson Madison County Public Library plans to reopen June 15th

Officials at the Jackson Madison County Public Library say this is a place of literacy and community, but they have been missing that community aspect throughout this pandemic.

The Jackson Madison County Public Library closed their doors to the public in late March due to COVID-19 concerns and decided to re-open for curbside only in early May, but officials say the decision to re open their doors is difficult.

“And then you bring it back and somebody could pick it up right after you brought it back and take it to their house, you know so we’ve had to be very careful. We didn’t want to be the place where people were spreading the virus", says library director, Dinah Harris.

They plan on opening back up soon, but with guidelines for customers like wearing masks in the building and possibly having a temperature check.

Harris added, “we have decided unless there is a surge of cases between now and June 15th as long as things continue to progress as they are. On June the 15th we are going to open on a limited basis.”

The summer reading program is planned to still happen at the library, but on an app to practice social distancing.

“And so, what we are going to do, is offer an online reading program. So, no matter what whether you are able to come in the library or not it will still be something fun to do", says Library employee, Jennifer Kilburn.

The staff hopes this summer reading program gives participants something to look forward to during this time.

Library officials say they will have more information on the summer reading program soon. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in downtown Jackson.

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