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Carroll County hospital receives $250,000 grant

A total of 29 hospitals in Tennessee received a hospital readiness grant amounting up to $500,000 each.

Hospitals in Carroll, Obion, Tipton, Lauderdale, and Henderson counties all received a part of the 10 million dollars.

Chief executive officer for Baptist Memorial Hospital in Carroll county, Susan Breeden, says they saw a hard hit.

“Obviously from a financial perspective it’s been devastating, and we are no different than any of your other businesses as far as loss of business", says Breeden.

The hospital saw a 50% loss in volume, while also purchasing more supplies to help combat Coronavirus.

Breeden adds, “and we don’t have a margin, operating margin anyway to be able to sustain those kinds of losses in revenue so this has been very helpful to us."

They received $250,000 in grant money to help recoup from the loss of revenue due to Coronavirus.

Breeden says this grant will go toward more PPE, tele-health, and making ends meet.

“PPE to keep our staff safe, PPE that we are giving to our visitors and patients when they come through our door.”

She also said it will help keep the community in Carroll county safe.

Imani Williams, 39 news, in carroll county.

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