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Local high school holds in person graduation ceremony

Many high school students across the country were faced to realize that they may never have an actual graduation ceremony.

“I thought I would never get to because of the virus, but I am pretty excited.”

“It feels, pretty surreal, like I don’t fully believe that I’m actually here getting to do this.”

With the help of teachers, principals, county and city officials high schools in the Jackson Madison county school district planned in person graduation ceremonies for their students, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Good lord, I probably had about 15 break downs everyday about it", says 2020 graduate, Anna Blankenship.

Anna Blankenship comes from a long line of family and friends that graduated from South Side high school.

Anna says she just wanted what others already had.

“We should still have the satisfaction of getting our diploma, getting our family to see that moment that defines some people’s lives", she adds.

Especially with all the work put in.

“I put in so much work to get here so, I’m just like, we need to have something for the seniors at least, but I am glad we actually got to do something", says 2020 graduate, Jayana Bonds.

197 graduates received their diplomas and turned their tassels, but Anna says she has one last thing to say to her classmates.

“It’s a great day to be a hawk", she says.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in south Jackson.

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