Madison County Commission votes on Beech Bluff Recreation Center

The Madison County Commission met today for the first in person meeting since the COVID-19 outbreak and they discussed budget cuts and the future of a local recreation center.

“I mean with the situation with COVID-19, everything is on the table. We have to look for ways to cut", says county commission budget chair, Doug Stephenson.

The Madison County Commission met today for their regularly scheduled meeting.

One topic that many commissioners wanted to have a voice in was the budget committee’s recommendation to close Beech Bluff Recreation Center.

“Are there ways that we can reduce that or change that to get a little bit better situation and cut some expenses", says Stephenson.

The Center is incurring about 50,000 dollars in expenses over revenue.

Budget committee chair, Doug Stephenson, says they are looking at ways to cut expenses in various departments and the center is a place that needed to be analyzed.

The commission voted 19 to 5 to keep the center open with a 3% budget cut.

Mona Lisa Lanier teaches dance at the Center. She says that the Center means a lot to the community in that area.

“Not only that some of them take dance when they finish with that they play basketball, they go in the work room and workout and some of them have karate lessons there", says Lanier.

And she says she is glad the county commission is giving her students a second chance.

“Give one more shot. Give one more chance to let’s turn these things around.”

Now, the commission will meet again on June 15th. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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