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Local bowling alley re opens to the public

After weeks of being closed due to COVID-19… one local business is getting the ball back rolling.”

The Family Fun Center closed their doors a week before they were ordered because customers were not following social distancing guidelines.

Now that they are open again they hope the new changes keep customers and staff safe.

“We wouldn’t be open if we didn’t think that it was safe for people to come out and we could thoroughly clean and sanitize before they use them", says general manager Alex Kim.

Kim says they are cleaning each bowling ball after a player finishes, wiping down the lanes, and even putting more than 6 feet between each group of bowlers.

“We have a skip lane in between each line, so it’s approximately 10-15 feet between each group. So, we feel that’s safe enough distance between each group", adds Kim.

Although the facility can hold over 600 people at once management decided they are only allowing less than 100 customers in at one time to strictly follow the new guidelines, but that could result in loss of revenue.

But Kim says that is the last issue on their mind, “revenue is not even thought about of right now. Our employee’s safety, our customers safety, and revenue is the last that we are worried about. We want people to have a good fun time.”

Right now the skating rink is the only activity not open at the Family Fun Center. I’m Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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