Officials in the tourism industry are excepting a slow recovery from COVID-19

“Many industries have already seen the affects of COVID-19, but the entertainment and tourism industry might see those affects for a while.

“People are going to be more reserved about booking travel, they are going to wait. So, what we are trying to do is make sure people feel safe and comfortable", says Visit Jackson official, Lori Nunnery.

Jackson is known for being a hub.

Supplying jobs, food, entertainment, and activities for people from the surrounding areas, but sporting events, live music, and museum tours have halted during the pandemic.

Nunnery adds, “yea we are looking forward to the days that we can get back out on the field and play ball out at the sportsplex, but what I would say is that our museums and our attractions are very innovative in trying to engage the public.”

The Tennessee Department of Transportation saw a more than 50% decrease in travel in the past couple of months compared to this time last year.

Nunnery says the way the industry comes back after the pandemic may be slow.

“The thing about this, even though we are opening back up, people are going to be cautious to travel, so we don’t see it changing. It’s going to be a slower rebound for us.”

But Nunnery says visitors can now explore more outdoor experiences.

“There are great opportunities to get outside and experience our community. So it is going to be a shift, it’s not going to be those close quarters that we are used to.”

Officials with visit Jackson ask the community to be patient and strong. I’m Imani Williams, for 39 News in Madison county.

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