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4-year old boy found by Madison County Sheriff's office K-9

Hudson is missing. A text message that put one mothers life at a stand still. “I got a text message saying that Hudson is missing in the woods", says the 4-year old's mother, Mary Long. Mary Long received a message while at her cousins house that her youngest son was missing in the woods surrounding their home. “You know through a text I didn’t really know what to expect to come home to", added Mary. David Long was at the home when 4-year old Hudson went missing. “He’s lost in the woods somewhere, so I immediately get up, go out in the woods and start looking for him", says Hudson's dad, David Long. Both parents said that Hudson went into the wooded area to look for his older brother, but he went the opposite direction and got lost. “It was kind of a surreal situation. Something that you never expect to find yourself in", says Mary. Mary and David said they looked for their son for about 2 hours and then called the Sheriff's Department for help. “So when I got called the deputies that was here established that perimeter and got everybody out to allow the K-9 to be able to go in and find the little boy", says the Department's K-9 handler, Matt Nierenberger. TIMO found Hudson safe within a half of a mile of the home.

Mary and David say that was the best feeling. “Wow, man a really good feeling it could have been so bad, it could have been so bad. A really bad feeling followed by a good feeling", both parents explain. Both parents thanked the Department and the K-9 TIMO for helping find their son.

Imani Williams, for 39 News in Madison county.

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