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Close contact businesses open, owners speak out

Close contact businesses like nail salons, beauty shops, and spas are now open.

But how are they transitioning into reopening with the new guidelines to follow?

In mid March close contact businesses were deemed non essential and asked to close due to the lack of social distancing that could be practiced.

This week they reopened.

“It’s different and I never thought this would happen in my lifetime, but it’s here and it’s just something that we have to deal with and you know we have to be more concerned about", says owner of From Root to End beauty salon, Brandy Graves.

“It is a little nerve racking, just a little. But. I’m a prayerful person and I’m just believing that I can do my job effectively while also being safe", says owner of Elite Esthetics, Hope Conley.

Although Governor Bill Lee released a list of guidelines for all businesses as they reopen most owners are taking extra steps to keep their businesses clean.

“Most definitely spacing out the customers, making sure that when they come in that they feel safe. Making sure that they see that I have cleaning products out, I’m wiping down before they sit down", adds Graves.

And put safety first like checking temperatures, creating a log of customers that come in, and only keeping a certain number of people in the business at a time.

Conley adds,“as exciting as it is to get back to work, money is not everything when it comes to life or death.”

For more information about the guidelines visit the state of Tennessee website.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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