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Local high school celebrates 2020 seniors

This week would have been one of the last weeks for graduating high school seniors here in Madison county and one local high school decided to make it county.

Cars lined up and the traditional graduation music played in the background as graduating seniors at Liberty Technology Magnet High school picked up their cap and gown.

“I feel both excited and kind of sad", says senior Artez Williams.

The principal, teachers, counselors, and other faculty and staff waved the seniors in to say some of their last goodbyes.

“We’re going to celebrate our class of 2020, you know. They have had a tough year, it’s been an unfortunate situation really for everybody, but we are really thinking about our seniors", says Principal, Brad Barnett.

2020 senior Artez Williams says this feels surreal, but he is glad his school did something to make his last year special.

“Yea, cause I feel like, the seniors were kind of like, we were all kind of like robbed of our last many weeks of school , but this really helps a lot", says Williams.

Students in Madison county did not return to school after spring break due to COVID-19. During the nearly six week break principal Brad Barnett says the students needed a few minutes out of the house to celebrate.

“We just wanted to have everybody up here and celebrate them and add a little joy to the day, you know because they have been sitting at home for 6 weeks now", says Barnett.

Principal Barnett said they are making plans for a graduation ceremony in the near future. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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