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Retail spaces re open in Tennessee

The parking lot at the columns here in Jackson has been nearly empty for the past month or so because retail spaces have been closed due to COVID-19. But today they have the option of reopening.

Today marked another reopening of phase one.

Restaurants were able to open on monday at 50 percent capacity and now retail spaces are opening also at 50 percent capacity.

One customer says she is ready to start shopping.

“They are opening today, they opening in another 40 minutes and I have not been out in a long time", says Beverly Steed.

But with the necessary items to protect herself.

Steed adds, “I am excited about it and hesitant as you see here, I got, my niece made this for me and then i have my gloves.”

Most of the businesses were closed for over a month and some are going to keep their new services to help customers continue to feel safe.

“We are feeling really good today, we are excited to be opened. We are still going to do curbside pickup, still doing delivery", says Emily Hathcock.

Owner of Mam’selle, Emily Hathcock, says they are taking steps like cleaning after each customer, keeping the door open, and wearing masks.

She says they are hopeful about this new normal.

“We are hopeful that this is okay and we don’t experience a second wave. We are going to do all that we can to be safe here to keep our customers safe", says Hathcock.

Now some retail spaces chose not to reopen today, but plan to re open in the near future. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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