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Graduating high school seniors share their reactions to Gov. Bill Lee's recommendation

“I was a little hurt because I took my senior year for granted", says Northside High School senior, Destiny Williams.

“I mean it kind of hurt", says Crockett County High School senior, Elisabeth Owens.

“I mean honestly it is kind of crushing", says Madison Academic Magnet High School senior, Claire Myers.

Coronavirus continues to change everyone's normal day to day activities, but for high school seniors it's changing the way they remember their last year of high school.

“And then we got the call and they were like oh the school year is over with", add Owens.

And the last year is what they were looking forward to.

“You spend basically your whole elementary school and middle school years looking up to high school, like my senior year is going to be the best year.", says Myers.

Most seniors understood why they were not going back and agreed with the decision, but that does not take away the feeling of missing what most seniors before them experienced.

“I am going to be honest, it is pretty hard to think about", says JCM Early College High School senior, Dallas Jones.

“I really wish i could get a redo on it, because i miss some of my friends", says Williams.

But they are staying optimistic.

Destiny williams – northside high school

Williams adds, “we might not walk that stage right now, but we are going to walk it.”

“My name is Claire Myers and I am a graduating senior in 2020.”

“I am Destiny Williams and I am a 2020 graduate.”

“My name is Elisabeth Owens and I am a graduating 2020 senior.”

“My name is Dallas Jones and I am a class of 2020 graduate.”

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