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Governor Bill Lee will not renew 'Stay at home' order after April 30th

Governor Bill Lee said he will not renew the safer at home order after April 30th, but 6 major counties in the state are not included in that time line. Madison county is one of them.

“While we continue to emphasize social distancing for tennesseans, I will not extend the safer at home order past April 30th", says Lee.

Lee says that social distancing can continue, but the economic shut down can not.

So he announced that most businesses can open back up next month.

Lee adds, “and it’s our firm intent that by may first, the end of next week the vast majority of closed businesses in 89 Tennessee counties will be allowed to reopen.”

Tennessee has 95 counties, Shelby, Davidson, Sullivan, Hamilton, Knox, and Madison county are the 6 not included in the Governor's reopening plan.

These counties will receive guidance from county and city mayors on plans to reopen.

Both Madison county and city of Jackson mayors released an economic recovery plan last week.

Retail spaces and restaurants are in phase 1 of the reopening if there is a sustained reduction in new unknown origin cases.

“The first phase is retail and restaurants at 50 percent capacity, but one big caveat there is certainly of course wearing masks but maintaining social distancing", says Madison county mayor, Jimmy Harris.

Both mayors say they will be giving more direction to businesses as they receive it. In Jackson for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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